Agakoko Baskets, Tutsi, Rwanda

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Our Tutsi trays are now available in 3 sizes.
Tutsi basketry (Rwanda, Burundi), known for its delicacy, variety of materials, uses and techniques, is now threatened. Small basketry is reserved for women and girls: mats, baskets, wall panels. Men build the houses and the fences.
These Agakoko trays are made according to the “Igihisi” technique of double basketry, also used for decorative panels. A fine basketry covers another coarser basketry. They are sewn on the edges. Agakoko are miniature winnowing baskets used to present gifts and offerings.

Material – Papyrus, Bamboo
Dimensions approx. :

Size S
Ø 20 cm

Size M
Ø 25 cm

Size L 
Ø 30 cm

Our products are handmade, products shipped may differ slightly from the photo.

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L, M, S


Burundi, Rwanda