Basket Banana, Meru, Kenya

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Basket handcrafted in Kenya.

Material – Banana fiber and Sisal
Dimensions approx. :
H 20 cm
Ø 24 cm

Depending on the regions of the world, different plant fibers are used in basketry. The most common fibers are wicker, sisal, raffia, palm or rattan.

The interest of the banana fibre is its very large size (the leaves can go up to 7 meters) and its renewal every nine months allowing the conservation of the resources. In addition, the fibres are directly extracted from the same plants that have been used for their bananas which avoids waste.

Thanks to its strength, this fibre similar to jute yarn or linen in used in many ornamental products and packaging. This abundant plant is one of the oldest cultivated in the world and dates back to the first textile weaving.

A year ago, a women’s group located in Meru, Kenya, has launched the creation of this handcrafted basket made from banana and sisal fibres. A genuine tribute to weaving and ancestral traditions, sold exclusively at AS’ART.
Both materials and the delicate braiding bring this basket flexibility and strength.
As it can be curled, its height of 20 cm is ajustable and its diameter of 27 cm is perfect as a plant pot or a fruit bowl.

Our products are handmade, products shipped may differ slightly from the photo.

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