Contribute to the economic and social development of craft communities

AS’ART participates actively in the economic and social development of the countries in which it is involved. All the orders we place with our craftsmen are equivalent to several hundred full-time jobs. Whenever possible and desired, we encourage women to work from home. Finally, our projects contribute greatly to the sedentarisation of agricultural populations. Our autonomy and high standards in the field allow us to maintain a healthy and lasting relationship with our local partners. In spite of the delays and the difficulties of transport, we are concerned to maintain the very special and trusting relationship with our craftsmen as well as with our loyal and enlightened customers in order to continue to offer to both of them this positive relationship between these African countries and the rest of the world.

Encourage and promote traditional know-how and offer high quality products

Passionate, the term is not strong enough…, about natural materials and everyday objects, we communicate and share our enthusiasm truly and concretely with the craftsmen. In doing so, we encourage them to keep alive and sometimes revive traditional and rare know-how, real cultural treasures, to awaken a sense of pride in them. Our local partners are proving more and more concerned about delivering products of higher quality.