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Discover Unique Ethnic Interior at AS’ART as sense of crafts

Our best sellers for an Ethnic Interior

Discover Unique Ethnic Interior at AS’ART a sense of crafts

Since 1991, our passion for line, purity, and raw materials has driven us to create a collection that brings timeless elegance and unique charm to your space. Explore our carefully curated selection, including furniture, lighting, natural fiber basketry, and telephone wire basketry, all precision-crafted in Africa. Each piece embodies the essence of African artistry, tradition, and storytelling.

Exploring Eclectic Home Interior Decor with Craftsmanship

At AS’ART a sense of crafts, we take pride in offering you a carefully curated selection of furniture, lighting, natural fiber basketry, and telephone wire basketry, all precision-crafted in Africa. Each of these pieces is the result of the exceptional craftsmanship of our African artisans. Every piece of furniture, every light fixture, every basketry item tells a story, a tradition, and embodies the very essence of African art.

Crafting Excellence with African Artistry in Interior Decor

We are also proud creators of some of our products. We work closely with our artisans to craft unique pieces that skillfully blend tradition and modernity. When you purchase an “AS’ART a sense of crafts” product, you are investing in authenticity, quality, and uniqueness.

The Beauty of Ancient Crafts with ARTIFACTS GALLERY:

Don’t miss our ARTIFACTS GALLERY collection, a selection of artifacts and ancient objects, both practical and ritualistic. Each of these objects has been carefully chosen for its elegance and simplicity, showcasing the beauty of functional items. These unique pieces reflect ancient cultures and fascinating traditions.

Crafted in France for Interior Decor, discover our new Luxurious Merino Wool Throws and Cushions

In addition to our African craft collection, we have also created an exceptional range of 100% Merino wool throws and cushions, entirely made in France: the Vallon collection. These elegant pieces add a touch of comfort and luxury to your space while supporting the French industry and local craftsmanship.


At “AS’ART a sense of crafts,” we believe in creating spaces that tell a story, your story. Our diverse collection allows you to express your style, whether you prefer a contemporary, bohemian, or traditional eclectic home interior design.

Each piece we offer is a work of art in itself, able to transform your space into a place of beauty, character, and exceptional interior decor with crafts at ‘AS’ART a sense of crafts’.

We take pride in our commitment to the authenticity of African craftsmanship and the quality of our products. Every purchase you make from us not only supports talented artisans in Africa but also a company that values craftsmanship and creativity.

Explore our online store and be inspired by our exceptional eclectic home interior design. If you have any questions or specific needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you create a space that reflects your love for craftsmanship and ethnic chic interior decor.

Welcome to the world of “AS’ART a sense of crafts” where art, passion, and authenticity come together to enhance your everyday life.


The Mill – Our showroom

After 30 years in Paris, AS’ART has found a new home in the charming Valois region. Our unique location is a beautifully restored old wheat mill. We invite you to experience the essence of AS’ART. We welcome you by appointment!

Inspirations for an Ethnic Decor

Let yourself be inspired by our ethnic and eclectic compositions mixing origins, materials and styles.
North-South, Scandinavia-Africa, industrial-craft, an assertive mix-and-match!

Ethnic Chic concept basket and plaid

AS’ART a sense of crafts:The team

Stéphanie, who studied art history and worked in the decoration industry for 20 years, and Jean-Paul, founder, former engineer and consultant. Two compulsive object hoarders, passionate about encounters and crafts.

interior decor at As'art stephanie and Jean Paul