The history of AS’ART is based on encounters. Encounters with objects, know-hows, cultures, men, women. The first one, where it all began, is that of Danielle Bastelli and Jean-Paul Merlin.

These two engineers met in an engineering company. Danielle is a HVAC specialist, Jean-Paul designs industrial systems. We are in 1987, a friendship was born.

They share a passion for travel. Since 1968, Danielle has already organized his professional life to satisfy her passion. She travels several months each year, with a predilection for South America and the Middle East. Jean-Paul leaves for a world tour in 1990 and 1991.

On his return, his passion for objects and crafts that he shares with Danielle makes them launch together in the adventure of entrepreneurship. AS’ART was born. Brands AS’ART © and l’Afrique d’est en ouest © are registered. We are in 1991, the globetrotters engineers became entrepreneurs.

Africa, whose crafts are not well valued in France at the time, seduces them. They begin a series of trips that will take them from East to West and South. They will never stop traveling through Africa.

Danielle and Jean-Paul are convinced of the need to adapt the local handicraft products to the western market. They begin to design their own products. Their collections of Kisii stone products from Kenya are still emblematic of the brand AS’ART ©.

AS’ART exhibits at MAISON&OBJET twice a year.

In 2017, its international dimension is symbolized by a new baseline: the brand a sense of crafts © is registered. Violine Khoury in charge of sales and marketing, joins the team.