African Basketry: The Kavango Baskets of Namibia

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  • Discover the Hidden Treasures of African Basketry: The Kavango Baskets of Namibia

The treasures of African basketry reveal themselves in all their breathtaking beauty through the Kavango baskets of Namibia. These exceptional pieces of craftsmanship, created with love and devotion, reflect the history and culture of the Kavango people. Each basket, unique in its own right, tells a different story and bears witness to the attention to detail.

Kavango baskets are not merely utilitarian objects but living works of art. They stand out with their intricate geometric patterns and vibrant colors. Furthermore, they play a crucial role in the economic life of the women in the region. They contributie to the preservation of this traditional craft. Theay also support local communities.

  • History and Cultural Significance of Kavango Baskets

The long history of Kavango baskets dates back several centuries and is deeply rooted in the culture and daily life of the Kavango people in northeastern Namibia. These baskets are traditionally crafted from the leaves, bark, and roots of the Hyphaene petersiana palm tree, also known as ‘mikalani’.

These baskets served a multitude of purposes, from storing food to transporting goods, and even as gifts during significant ceremonies. Each Kavango basket tells a unique story, thanks to carefully woven symbolic patterns and colors.

  • Preserving and Appreciating the Art of Kavango Baskets

Kavango baskets are genuine treasures to collect and admire. Each basket is unique and reflects the creativity of Kavango women. You can hang them on the wall or display them on shelves, but be sure to avoid direct sunlight exposure to preserve their vibrant colors.

  • The Economic Role of Kavango Baskets in Local Culture

Kavango basketry is more than just a traditional craft; it’s a sustainable art that has endured through the dedication of Kavango women. By supporting African basketry, you contribute to preserving this unique tradition while promoting the economic development of local communities.


– Dimensions: Height 29 cm, Diameter 23 cm.

Each basket is a one-of-a-kind piece. The item you purchase is the one you see in the photo, carrying the authenticity and craftsmanship of the Kavango people.

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