Zulu Bowl, telephone wire, Savannah clolor


  • Manufacturing: Zulu, South Africa
  • Material: Telephone Wire
  • Various dimensions available, see options below:


A Masterpiece of African Craftsmanship: Explore Our Multicolored Woven Bowl

In the captivating world of African craftsmanship, South African Zulu artisans create true masterpieces of basketry using telephone wire. At AS’ART, our creations are characterized by unique colors that are the hallmark of our craftsmanship. Each bowl, especially our ‘Parrot’ model, is the result of meticulous work by an artisan who weaves it with care, giving it unparalleled uniqueness.

Indeed, at AS’ART a sense of crafts, we advocate for personalized composition, allowing our artisans to decide how each object is woven based on the chosen color. Each bowl is truly one-of-a-kind, a reflection of the talent and creativity of our artisans.

The use of these handwoven bowls is as diverse as their beauty. They can serve as catchalls, fruit baskets, or simply decorative items. Their vibrant colors and geometric patterns add an exotic touch to any space, bringing an African flair to your interior decor.

As for maintenance, there’s no need to worry. Preserving the beauty of your bowl is simple: just rinse it under warm, slightly soapy water, then make sure to dry it thoroughly.

A Multicolored Woven Bowl, Symbolizing Durability and African Craftsmanship

Our Zulu artisans, hailing from South Africa, are at the intersection of tradition and innovation. Historically, the Zulu were primarily nomadic farmers, living off the land and livestock. However, over time, they incorporated artisanal activities into their way of life, including weaving with new telephone wires.

This transition to basket weaving was an essential means for the Zulu to become sedentary while preserving their cultural heritage. Each woven bowl is a product of their skills, embracing modernity through the use of new materials.

Thus, our multicolored woven bowls embody both durability and African craftsmanship while providing Zulu artisans with the opportunity to thrive in a more settled lifestyle. These unique pieces reflect a rich culture and a more sustainable vision for the future.

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Add an authentic touch to your interior with our multicolored woven bowl made from new telephone wire, lovingly crafted by the Zulu in South Africa. By choosing our bowl, you support African craftsmanship and sustainability.

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Diameter: 19 cm Height: 11 cm

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