African Fan: Traditional Craft from Bolgatanga, Ghana,


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African Fan: Traditional Craft from Ghana

Explore our African Fan, a journey into the authenticity of Ghanaian craftsmanship. Each straw fan comes to life in the Bolgatanga region, in the northern part of the country, in West Africa. Emphasize that these art pieces are born from a fair trade project led by a dedicated group of artisans.

Unmatched Quality of the Ghanaian African Fan: Exceptional Weaving and Goat Leather Handle

Derived from a meticulous manual crafting process, our African Fan, woven by hand with straw from the “pennisetum purpureum” or “elephant grass,” embodies exceptional craftsmanship passed down through centuries. This large herbaceous plant thrives naturally in various regions of Ghana, with its most prominent presence in the north, specifically in Bolgatanga.

Bolgatanga, a gem in the Upper East region of Ghana, excels in traditional craftsmanship. Bolga fans, skillfully crafted from elephant grass harvested in the vast expanses of the savannah south of Bolgatanga, symbolize this artisan mastery.

In the heart of this rich artisanal and natural environment, the use of elephant grass to create fans perpetuates an ancient practice. Rooted in local tradition, it contributes to the sustainability and outstanding quality of regional artisanal creations.

Equipped with a goat leather handle, this “African fan” from the straw of Ghana combines strength and longevity.

Captivating Visuals: Bolga Fans in Your Interior

Explore our captivating visuals to envision how these African fans can enhance your interior spaces. From the living room to the bedroom, their presence will add a distinctive touch of Ghanaian style to your decor. Used as wall decor, their unique patterns and colors will bring a warm and timeless atmosphere to your interior. Don’t forget to slip a Ghanaian straw fan into your beach bag this summer for eco-friendly heat resistance.

Add an African Touch to Your Home

Incorporate these African fans into your home and transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. More than practical items, these Bolga fans are unique creations, shaped with dedication by the talented artisans of Ghana.

  • Approximate Dimensions Length: 40 cm, Width: 25 cm.

This straw fan from Ghana is handmade from natural materials. As with all items crafted from natural materials, slight differences and imperfections are integral to the product. We are delighted to offer you a unique piece!