Artisan woven baskets, Isangwa, Batonga, diameter 56cm


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Artisanal Basketry, Batonga Isangwa Baskets: Elegance at the Heart of Our Collections

The artisanal basketry of Batonga Isangwa Baskets takes a central place in our collections. These Isangwa decorative items have their origins in traditional basket weaving, initially designed for winnowing grains. Repurposed from their traditional use, these Isangwa baskets now serve as unique wall decorations and table accessories, showcasing both functionality and artistic beauty of this artisanal basketry.

Decorative Use of Batonga Isangwa Baskets

The Isangwa baskets have been repurposed for decorative use, whether as wall hangings or table adornments. They can be displayed individually or mixed with other sizes to create an authentic and warm wall mural. Their adaptability and unique aesthetics make them standout pieces in any space, even the most contemporary ones. This transformation highlights the authenticity and elegance of artisanal basketry. Installing them on the wall is a simple task – just insert a thin nail through the center of the basket weaving to securely attach them. For larger Isangwa baskets, you can hang a second one slightly higher than the first to keep it securely in place.

The Batonga People and Traditional Isangwa Basketry

The BaTonga are among the earliest inhabitants of the southern African region, residing in southern Zambia and northern Zimbabwe. The Batonga Isangwa Baskets, also known as Tonga Baskets, are woven by inhabitants of the Zambezi Valley. Originally, these baskets were used for winnowing ground maize. Crafted from dyed fronds of the Ilala Palm tree, these baskets exhibit distinctive geometric patterns. Batonga Baskets woven on the Zimbabwean side of the Zambezi Valley are known for their flatness and reflect the creativity of the artisan who crafted them. Raw palm fibers blend harmoniously with naturally dyed fibers, creating surprisingly modern graphic designs. Each basket is a unique work of art.

Features of Batonga Isangwa Baskets

Artisanal basketry transcends the ages. Batonga Isangwa Baskets, as gems of artisanal basketry, go beyond their traditional utility. They embody the history, creativity, and tradition of Batonga artisans. Their decorative use transforms them into unique wall art pieces, adding an exceptional touch to any space. Each Isangwa basket is a unique piece, infused with ancestral craftsmanship and the natural beauty of palm fibers. Let yourself be captivated by the authenticity and elegance of artisanal basketry embodied by the Isangwa Baskets of Zimbabwe.

Each Batonga Isangwa basket is a unique piece, and the basket you see in the photo is the one you will receive. If you wish to see more photos or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.