HYDRA Pendant light, Ortie Color


  • Dimensions: Ø 30 cm x H 14 cm
  • Materials: Telephone wire weaving
  • Color: Ortie
  • Electrical Kit E27. EU

Illuminate your space with exceptional light using the HYDRA Pendant, a testament to inspired creativity and exceptional artisanal craftsmanship. Its Ortie color adds a captivating touch to any interior.


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The three components of the lampshade Hydra are made of telephone wire. They have been woven by hand in South Africa, by Zulu craftsmen. The final assembly is done in our workshop in France.

Artisanal Design Lighting: HYDRA Pendant

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of artisanal design lighting with the HYDRA Pendant. Explore the exceptional fusion of the past and present, honoring the craftsmanship of Zulu artisans in South Africa.

Artisanal Design Lighting: The Elegance of Zulu Tradition

As a proud representative of Zulu basketry art, our HYDRA lighting draws its essence from the artisanal creativity of this community. Each component, crafted by hand, is meticulously woven in telephone wire weaving, celebrating the authenticity and mastery of this ancestral craft.

Assembly in France: The Creative Fusion of Modernity and Craftsmanship

In South Africa, each element is carefully shaped before coming to life in our French workshops. The modern assembly harmoniously blends with traditional techniques, creating unique luminaires imbued with the distinctive character of both cultures.

The harmonious marriage of tradition and modernity is reflected in our lighting. Its contemporary assembly combines with the meticulous work of Zulu artisans.

  • Celebrating Zulu Craftsmanship: Zulu artisans bring each Ortie HYDRA pendant to life by meticulously handweaving. The Ortie electric wire paired with nude creates a unique visual marriage, enhancing the charm of this artisanal piece.
  • Inspired Creativity: The Zulu artisan, a source of inspiration for the lampshade weaving, imparts a personal touch to each creation. Each piece, with its consistently perfect weaving, becomes a unique work of art.
  • Unique Patterns: Each creation features unique patterns in the weaving, giving the Ortie HYDRA Pendant a singularity that sets it apart. This characteristic makes each piece unique and precious.

Ortie Color: Illuminate Your Space with the HYDRA Pendant

Choose the exceptional light of our HYDRA artisanal design lighting, a contemporary luminary that transcends boundaries, marrying the tradition of African basketry to modern elegance. A space illuminator, reflecting ancestral craftsmanship, each HYDRA luminaire tells a unique story in your interior decor.

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Dimensions 30 × 30 × 14 cm