Batwa Baskets, Auburn, Uganda

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These baskets are finely woven by hand by Batwa women in southwestern Uganda.  After living in Bwindi Forest for several hundred years, the Batwa (known as Pygmy) were evicted in 1991. Since then, the Batwa have been living on the edge of the forest as marginalised people. Basket weaving has become an important activity in their economy. These baskets are a symbol of hope for the future of the Batwa people.

Material – Palm
Dimensions approx. :

Size S
H 12 cm
Ø 11 cm

Size M
H 14 cm
Ø 13 cm

Size L 
H 16 cm
Ø 14,5 cm

With Lid
H 14 cm
Ø 14,5 cm

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L, M, S, With cover




Green, Multicolore, Orange