Cup, telephone wire, combo Arty, South Africa, h 11 cm


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This colourful and uniquely patterned cup was made in Africa with telephone wire. The art of hand-woven basketry is an iconic craft of the Zulu community in South Africa.

With its modern and ethnic design, this home decoration item will be the perfect accessory for an eclectic interior decoration, placed on a table, or used as a pencil cup, or a container in a bathroom or kitchen.

You can accompany it with other wire basketry, plates, trays, bowls, in coordinated colour combinations. Whether the style of your home interior is traditional, ethnic or contemporary, these African art objects will make up a chic and ethnic decoration in your home.

South African telephone wire art is a remarkable example of the adaptation of traditional skills to contemporary materials. Combining tradition and modernity, this ethnic art craft enhances the inventiveness of South African Zulu artisans who produce interior design objects of infinite colour shades and timeless style.

This project makes a significant contribution to the settlement of South African artisans by supplementing their agricultural activities. The material used, telephone wire, is new. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a recycled material.

The colour combinations we offer are exclusive to AS’ART. They are divided into two ranges: Polychromatic includes multicoloured and contrasting combinations, Vallon is coordinated with our textile collection of the same name.

We regularly create new designs (shapes, colours, patterns) to offer you new decorative objects for the interior of your home.

For example, we have created a whole range of lights made of telephone wire basketry, the Stellar collection.

You will receive the model shown on photographs.

Country of manufacture
South Africa

Ethnic chic decoration

Telephone wire

Diameter 10 cm
Height 11 cm

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South Africa