Dimmable table lamp TUCANA, Savannah colors


Table Lamp TUCANA with Phone Wire Lampshade
Diameter: 30cm
Height: 38cm

The photo of the TUCANA lamp is the model you will receive!

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Dimmable table lamp TUCANA – Exceptional Originality and Design

TUCANA embodies a harmonious fusion of authentic craftsmanship and the elegance of contemporary design. Equipped with a 2-meter cord, an E27 socket, and a modern metal base, this dimmable table lamp stands out with its entirely handcrafted lampshade.

Blending Zulu Craftsmanship with French Modernity

Zulu artisans manually weave the lampshade of this dimmable table lamp in South Africa, infusing TUCANA with an unparalleled touch of authenticity and originality. Paired with its metal base crafted in France, this table lamp takes on a distinctly modern and design-oriented look. The perfect harmony between Zulu craftsmanship and French design is what gives the TUCANA table lamp such a modern and elegant aesthetic.

The Creation Process of the TUCANA Table Lamp

We meticulously orchestrate each step of the creation process for the TUCANA table lamp. After the color selection, each thread is entrusted to the skilled hands of our artisans, true masters in the art of weaving. The weaving of these threads goes beyond a simple technique; it is a genuine expression of their craftsmanship, personal preferences, and artistry. Thus, each woven thread becomes a personal decision, endowing the dimmable TUCANA table lamp with unparalleled authenticity.

In conclusion, from color selection to the final design, the dimmable table lamp TUCANA is an exclusive creation of AS’ART – A Sense of Crafts. After the completion of weaving, the assembly of this lamp is meticulously carried out in our workshop in France. Each piece reflects our commitment to authenticity, quality, and appreciation for artisanal work. Make the TUCANA dimmable table lamp the focal point of your space, where every detail tells a story of exceptional craftsmanship and contemporary design.

Customize your lighting to suit your desires

The dimmable switch of the TUCANA Lamp offers complete flexibility in lighting. Adjust the brightness according to your needs or preferences, creating a personalized ambiance for every moment. This table lamp is presented here with an LED bulb. Its dimmer allows you to adjust its brightness, or you can opt for another bulb model, such as a gold-capped bulb. It will perfectly personalize your lamp and highlight the weaving of your lampshade.

Technical Details of the TUCANA Table Lamp

The dimmable table lamp TUCANA is more than just a luminaire. It transforms into a centerpiece loaded with emotions and history, going beyond its lighting function. This exclusive creation, signed AS’ART a sense of crafts, is infused with the expertise of our specialized artisans.

Technical detail of the TUCANA lamp

Certified electrical kit, including an E27 socket, 2 meters of black fabric cable with a dimmable switch
A black metal base.
The LED bulb is sold separately (on request).
Each TUCANA piece is unique; the table lamp you see in the photo is the one you will receive.

Illuminate your space with style thanks to the TUCANA Table Lamp from AS’ART. A unique piece that embodies exceptional originality and design!

Additional information

Dimensions 30 × 30 × 14 cm