Handwoven straw fan from Ghana


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Handwoven straw fan, made in the Bolgatanga region in northern Ghana, West Africa. It should be noted that the group of craftsmen who make this magnificent work do so as part of a fair trade project.

Materials used to make a handwoven straw fan from Ghana.

This fan is the result of a long manual manufacturing process. It is handwoven with straw, a grass called “pennisetum purpureum”. It also goes by the following names: “veta vera”, “eulalie”, “pennisetum straw”, “fodder cane”, “false sugar cane”. This herb is harvested 300-600 km south of Bolgatanga, in southern Ghana. It is a large herbaceous perennial (up to 6 metres high). It is found in the savannah. Elephants really appreciate some of these grasses, but other species may have been over-named.
This fan has a goatskin handle for strength and durability.


By using this handwoven straw fan from Ghana for wall decoration, the unique patterns and colours will bring a warm and timeless atmosphere to your home. However its use is not just decorative, it can also be utilitarian. So if you want to resist the heatwaves in an eco-responsible way, don’t forget to slip a Ghana straw fan into your (straw) beach bag this summer!

Approximate dimensions.

Length 40 cm, width 25 cm.


The Bolgatanga region in north-east Ghana is associated with its colourful baskets made from elephant grass. Therefore by developing new lines and working on colour ranges directly with the best craftsmen, AS’ART is helping to keep this craft alive and well.

This straw is handmade from natural materials. This is why slight differences and imperfections are inherent to the product and give it a unique appearance.