Rattan bench or coffee table, Malawi, 80cm


To be used as either a bench or an occasional table, this rattan furniture piece has been handwoven in Malawi.

  • Color: natural
  • Material: rattan, bamboo, blue gum
  • Dimensions: 40 cm depth x 80 cm width x 40 cm height

The Malawi bench draws its inspiration from a simpler chair found on the shores of Lake Malawi. Each Malawi bench is woven with a rich sense of cultural tradition and is handcrafted using blue gum, bamboo, and rattan.

Avoid use in damp environments as it may cause the color to grey, although you may also appreciate its weathered appearance over time.

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High-end rattan furniture collection from Malawi

In our extensive collection of high-end rattan furniture, our Malawi bench stands out as a true masterpiece of craftsmanship. Handwoven, it seamlessly fits into this range, reflecting the exceptional skill of Malawi artisans. Made from a local plant similar to rattan, this bench is an exceptional piece, stunning, delicate, and adorned with intricate details, crafted with exceptional craftsmanship. Its versatility makes it a unique element to enhance your living space.

High-end rattan furniture: A masterpiece of craftsmanship for your home, garden, or any other space

Our high-end rattan furniture from Malawi, including our beautiful bench, adds a touch of refined exoticism to any space with its clean lines and subtle weaving. With its unique design and timeless charm, it suits both classic and contemporary styles. Moreover, its versatility is one of its major assets, catering to various needs. Furthermore, its lightweight nature greatly facilitates its movement.

Versatility of rattan furniture: bench or coffee table?

This Malawi bench adapts to various uses in your home thanks to its ideal dimensions. It easily fits into your entryway, at the end of a bed in a bedroom, or even as a coffee table, adding a touch of craftsmanship and character to your environment.

Capturing perfectly refined simplicity and natural beauty, this artisanal piece stands out. The natural tones of rattan offer a welcoming warmth, while variations in weaving create a charming visual contrast.

Our Malawi collection

In your search for an inspiring and authentic living space, explore our complete Malawi collection. Alongside our woven bench, uncover our Rattan Loveseat, Malawi—a small two-seater sofa that seamlessly complements your interior décor while maintaining your theme.

Don’t overlook other Malawi treasures like the Sun-Circle headboard. The sun-circles wall decoration provides various options. So you can elevate your interior with its distinct use of natural materials and unique weaving technique.

With every purchase from our Malawi collection, you back a collective of forty weavers established almost 50 years ago in the rural core of Malawi.

Be inspired by the authentic craftsmanship of Malawi and transform your interior into an elegant and timeless haven of peace.

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