Iringa Baskets, B&W, Tanzania

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Iringa baskets come from Tanzania. The artisans who make them by hand are located in the Iringa region home to the Hebe people.

These beautiful baskets are woven from milulu grass which is a marsh grass known to be close to the reed. With their lids, these baskets are the perfect storage accessories for any room in the house. They are useful for storing your laundry, magazines, toys etc… Rinse them with water to reshape or clean them if you need to.

With their timeless style and traditional look, these Iringa basket weavings add a unique touch to your home!

Material – Milulu grass

Approx. dimensions :

Size XS: H 10 cm – Ø 12 cm
Size S: H 18 cm – Ø 20 cm
Size M: H 28 cm – Ø 28 cm
Size L : H 35 cm – Ø 35 cm

Our products may have slight variations in size and design, this is just normal for handmade products, and one of the reasons why we love them so much! Feel free to contact us so we can send you pictures if you want to see the one you order. Our contact information is at the bottom of this page.

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