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Discover the exquisite world of Kavango baskets in Namibia, where tradition and modern décor seamlessly merge.These handcrafted treasures are not just pieces of art. They represent the living history of the Kavango people, deeply rooted in the daily life of northeastern Namibia for centuries. Made from the finest ‘mikalani’ palm tree materials, each basket serves as a testament to the rich cultural heritage, storytelling, and vibrant colors of this remarkable region.

History and Cultural Significance of Namibia Kavango Baskets:

Kavango baskets have a profound history that dates back centuries. Woven with skill and precision, these baskets were integral to the daily lives of the Kavango people. Beyond their functional purpose, they were a canvas for storytelling, with intricate symbols and colors that conveyed the traditions and narratives of the Kavango culture. Today, these baskets continue to embody the essence of Namibian heritage.

Preserving Tradition in the Modern World:

In contemporary Namibia, Kavango basket weaving endures as a cherished tradition passed down through generations. This ancient craft empowers women, providing them with a means of financial independence while also sustaining local communities. By supporting the artistry of Kavango basket weaving, we play a vital role in preserving this living tradition for future generations.

Incorporating Kavango Baskets into Modern Décor:

Embrace the spirit of Namibia Kavango baskets by seamlessly integrating Kavango baskets into your modern interior design. These intricate and colorful pieces serve as authentic tokens of Namibian culture, bringing warmth and diversity to any space.

  • Shelving: Display Kavango baskets on shelves or bookcases. They showcase Namibian culture’s diversity, infusing your space with authenticity. Your home reflects global artistry.
  • Table Centerpiece:Elevate your table with a Kavango basket. Its intricate weave and vibrant colors add character and charm. It sparks admiration and conversation.

Exploring the world of Kavango baskets :

Discover that their exceptional craftsmanship extends to the very dimensions of each piece. The featured basket boasts a diameter of 34 cm and a height of 11 cm, precisely matching the measurements shown in the accompanying photo. Embrace the beauty and tradition of Kavango baskets, and let them weave their timeless magic into your modern décor.


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Dimensions 34 × 34 × 11 cm