Merino Wool Blanket – French Tradition of Spinning and Knitting Excellence in Epautre Color


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Merino Wool Blanket – A Tradition of Excellence

Our Merino Wool Blanket, a French masterpiece, benefits from the exceptional quality of combed wool, deliberately chosen to ensure unparalleled warmth and softness. The combing process eliminates short fibers and impurities, creating longer, finer, and silkier wool. This rigorous selection contributes to the deep density and cloud-like texture of our French Merino Wool Blanket, guaranteeing enveloping warmth.

Immerse yourself in the refinement of the Vallon Collection, where the Merino wool blanket and throw take on a new dimension with the Epautre color and Honeycomb Stitch. Discover elegance and comfort in every detail.

Features of the Vallon French Blanket:

Crafted with care, the Honeycomb Stitch adds a subtle and refined texture to our French Vallon Collection. The new Epautre color boasts a marled blend of ecru and brown, dyed to perfection for marbled nuances, tonal grays, with a deep, cloudy, and milky density. Our yarn texture features a beautiful four-ply combed thread, embodying softness, elegance, subtlety, and rich character. The wool is 100% Merino, sourced from the prestigious regions of Arles and Portugal.

Meticulously spun and dyed, the wool for our French Blankets comes to life in the FONTY mill. This is one of the last French mills dedicated to wool craftsmanship. Recognized by the EPV (Living Heritage Company) label, awarded by the Ministry of the Economy, this distinction honors companies with a rare and precious expertise. Subsequently, our French Blankets take shape in a small family-owned factory located in Corrèze, where passion and precision come together to create unique pieces.

Your Merino Wool Blanket Accompanies You in Your Home:

Perfect for embellishing sofas and beds or keeping you warm. They offer comfort and relaxation, adding a touch of elegance to your interior. Beautiful, warm, and fluffy, it has become essential, creating a cozy atmosphere and warming your winter evenings. Place it at the end of your bed, on your lap while working remotely—it follows you everywhere. The Honeycomb Stitch we’ve chosen is also beautiful on both sides!

Care for the Vallon Knit Blanket:

To keep it for a long time, this unparalleled quality Merino wool must be hand-washed with or without fabric softener, no wringing, and flat drying to preserve quality. Dry cleaning is also an option. This wool has not undergone treatment for machine washing.

The Merino Wool Blanket, a Companion for Life:

Immerse yourself in the heritage of French craftsmanship with our Merino Wool Blanket, a true companion for life meticulously knitted, a skill passed down from generation to generation.

Durability and Values:

At AS’ART, we believe in sustainability and preserving artisanal craftsmanship. Knitting has firmly established itself in our daily lives and fashion collections. Today, thanks to the current trend of “handmade” and the return to simplicity, knitting is experiencing a revival. At AS’ART, we perpetuate this tradition with our collection of Merino wool blankets, meticulously knitted to combine timeless elegance with comforting warmth, preserving the heritage of knitting in the modern world

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