Merino wool throw, French knitting, Made in France


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Merino Wool Throw: A Must-Have Decor Piece

Are you on the hunt for the perfect Merino Wool Throw to enhance your interior decor? You’ve come to the right place. At AS’ART, we proudly present an exclusive collection of Merino Wool Throws sourced from Arles and Portugal, and meticulously crafted in France with a commitment to exceptional quality. Our Merino Wool Throws seamlessly combine softness, warmth, and elegance, creating a cozy ambiance in your home. Explore our “Merino Wool Vallon” collection to discover unique and durable pieces that elevate the beauty of your living space.

Exceptional Quality of Merino Wool

At the heart of our collection lies extraordinary Merino wool. We utilize two varieties: Arles Merino, naturally off-white, raised in the plains of Camargue and Crau, and Portugal’s Black Merino, naturally deep brown. This Merino wool provides an unparalleled comfort experience due to its fineness and hypoallergenic, thermoregulatory, and antibacterial properties. By choosing our Merino Wool Throws, you opt for superior quality.

A Collection Crafted with Two Exceptional Merino Fibers

Our Vallon collection, made in France, consists of a splendid combed yarn blend of two extraordinary 100% Merino fibers: Arles Merino, from sheep raised in the plains of Camargue and Crau, and Portugal’s Merino, sourced from the Alentejo region in southern Portugal. An initial blend of ecru and brown is later dyed. Through this process, we achieve throws and cushions with marled shades, ranging from subtle to deep, cloudy, and milky grays. The Merino used is a four-ply yarn, soft, elegant, and subtle.

French Artisanal Crafting of Wool Throws

Our throws are meticulously crafted in France, specifically in the Corrèze region, where the tradition of knitted wool craftsmanship has endured for generations. Each piece is knitted with care, embodying the authenticity of French craftsmanship.

Unique Design for Merino Wool Throws

To enhance the Merino wool’s beauty, we’ve developed three knitting patterns: “honeycomb,” “ridges,” and “braids.” Each imparts a touch of uniqueness to our Merino Wool Throws. The colors, inspired by the natural hue of Merino wool, create subtle and magnificent nuances. Indeed, our unique design sets us apart.

Versatility in Home and Life Our Merino Wool

Throws are versatile, perfect for enhancing sofas and beds or keeping you warm. They offer comfort and relaxation, adding an elegant touch to your interior. Furthermore, they seamlessly blend into your daily life.

Durability and Values

At AS’ART, we believe in sustainability and preserving artisanal craftsmanship. Our Merino Wool Throws reflect this commitment to durable, high-quality items. Indeed, our values are evident in every creation.

We invite you to explore our “Merino Wool Vallon” collection and discover the unmatched quality of Merino wool, as well as the French craftsmanship that inspires our creations. Join us in this timeless pursuit of comfort, relaxation, and quality. Ultimately, your satisfaction is our priority.

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