Zulu Woven Telephone Wire Plate, authentic South African craftsmanship


Zulu Woven Telephone Wire Plate




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Zulu Woven Telephone Wire Plate, South African Craftsmanship

Our Zulu woven telephone wire plate is crafted in South Africa, embodying the elegant fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern design. Each plate is meticulously handwoven by the talented Zulu artisans we have been proudly supporting for over 30 years.

At AS’ART, a sense of crafts, we take pride in offering you an exclusive range of color combinations for these contemporary telephone wire plates, allowing you to make a truly unique choice. As for the weaving, it is entrusted to Zulu artisans, who have the creative freedom to craft intricate patterns using our color palette from our telephone wire collection. As a result, each plate, even within the same color range, becomes a unique piece, shaped by the artisan’s hand, making each telephone wire plate a distinctive work of art.

Versatility and Elegance of our Zulu Woven Telephone Wire Plate

The South African Zulu woven telephone wire plate is a versatile piece. It can serve as a fruit basket, a catch-all tray, or a decorative accent for your table. Its meticulous and unique weaving makes it an exceptional decorative piece. Furthermore, this plate can also be used as a wall decoration. Whether you choose to use these contemporary telephone wire plates on their own or in combination with different sizes, shapes, and colors, they become an original and striking wall art.

The Authenticity of Zulu Craftsmanship, an African Craft

In the heart of our “Zulu Wire Plate Craftsmanship” category, discover the authenticity of our creations. Our passion for modern design unites with exceptional artisanal expertise and our partnership with Zulu artisans. Hailing from farming communities, these local artisans transform our designs into reality through their mastery of traditional basketry.

Authentic Craftsmanship in Every Zulu Wire Plate
Explore our range of contemporary basketry, including various items such as plates, bowls, cups, and pots, all crafted from new telephone wire. Each piece is unique, with its own color composition. Our goal is to create objects that stand out by combining modern aesthetics with traditional techniques.

Supporting Zulu Artisans
When you choose our Zulu woven telephone wire plates, you directly contribute to the support of Zulu artisans and their families. Your choice not only honors your space but also strengthens local communities in South Africa.

Be Part of This Remarkable Story
Order your Capucine telephone wire plate now and become a part of this remarkable story. The plate you see in the photos is the one you will receive. Each weaving is unique, and to ensure your complete satisfaction, we have taken the care to individually photograph each model. If you would like additional information or supplementary photos of your telephone wire plate, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always available to address your needs and inquiries!