Zulu Woven Telephone Wire Plate, authentic South African craftsmanship


The Zulu Woven Telephone Wire Plate is a unique piece of African craftsmanship. Handmade in South Africa, it seamlessly blends tradition and modernity with its contemporary and ethnic design. Its vibrant colors and distinctive pattern make it a perfect accessory for Ethnic Chic interior decoration. Use it on a table, in your bathroom, or even as a stunning wall decoration. Pair it with other telephone wire items to coordinate colors and add an authentic touch. Transform your space into an Ethnic Chic haven with this woven plate, a true African craft treasure

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Discover our Zulu Woven Telephone Wire Plate an authentic South African craftsmanship. Painstakingly handcrafted by skilled artisans from South Africa, this Zulu Woven Telephone Wire Plate epitomizes the essence of traditional African craftsmanship, infusing a touch of elegance into your dining experience. This handcrafted masterpiece, made in South Africa, encapsulates the cultural opulence of this vibrant nation.

  • Vibrant Colors and Unique Patterns:

Our Zulu Woven Telephone Wire Plate boasts a kaleidoscope of hues and a distinctive pattern, expertly fashioned in Africa from telephone wire—a hallmark of the Zulu community’s artistry in South Africa.

  • Ethnic Chic Interior Decor:

This Zulu Woven Telephone Wire Plate, with its contemporary and ethnic design, serves as the perfect complement to your Ethnic Chic interior decor. Whether adorning a table, gracing your kitchen, or adorning a wall, it radiates an air of sophistication.

Pair it with other telephone wire items, such as plates, trays, and bowls, in coordinated color combinations. These African art pieces seamlessly integrate into diverse styles, infusing an authentic flair into your home.

  • Tradition and Modernity:

South African telephone wire craftsmanship seamlessly harmonizes tradition with modernity. This remarkable example of ancient techniques adapted to contemporary materials reflects the ingenuity of South African Zulu artisans. They produce interior decor items characterized by an array of colors and timeless style. This project significantly enhances the livelihoods of South African artisans by providing supplementary income alongside their agricultural endeavors.

  • Exclusive Color Combinations:

Our exclusive color palettes, exclusive to AS’ART, span two collections: Polychromatic, featuring multicolored, contrasting combinations, and Vallon, designed to complement our textile collection of the same name. We continually innovate, introducing fresh designs in terms of shapes, colors, and patterns to expand your interior decor possibilities.

  • Product Details :
  • Country of Manufacture: South Africa
  • Style: Ethnic Chic Decor
  • Material: Telephone wire
  • Dimensions: Diameter 40 cm – Height 6 cm
  • Combo: Chameleon

The Zulu Woven Telephone Wire Plate you receive is precisely as photographed, ensuring the authenticity of your acquisition. Elevate your interior into an Ethnic Chic sanctuary with our Zulu Woven Telephone Wire Plate, an authentic gem of African craftsmanship.


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