Rare Couple of Commemorative Sculptures, Gato, Ethiopia

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Introducing an exceptionally rare pair of commemorative posts from the Gato people of Ethiopia, specifically linked to the Konso community. These remarkable sculptures hold a unique significance, as the only other known pair is part of the esteemed Ernie Wolfe III collection in the USA. Notably, the latter was featured in the catalogue of a 1989 exhibition at the Williams College Museum of Art in Massachusetts, titled “Commemorative Sculpture of the Mijikenda of Kenya.”

This distinctive pair depicts a high-ranking couple from the Gato people, each figure exquisitely detailed and gender-specific. Their strikingly similar postures add to the allure of the pieces. The patina, consistent and gracefully gray, enhances the overall aesthetic. Acquired in Ethiopia during the 1990s with the invaluable assistance of Tekalegn Besepa, these sculptures carry a rich cultural legacy.

Presumed age: end of 19th century, possibly earlier.



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