Telephone wire basket, Zulu weaving, Tray capucine ø30cm


Telephone Wire Tray

  • Capucine color
  • Diameter 30 cm x Height 6 cm


Telephone wire basket – Artful Tray by Zulu Craftsmen

Our Capucine Telephone Wire Basket, Zulu Woven Tray is a true masterpiece meticulously crafted by Zulu artisans. These 30cm trays, skillfully designed by the talented Zulu weavers we’ve honored for over three decades, transcend mere decoration. At AS’ART a sense of crafts, we take pride in offering our exclusive range of color combinations, making our basketry collection truly one-of-a-kind. Furthermore, the weaving process is in the hands of skilled Zulu artisan weavers who have the freedom to create intricate patterns using the color palettes from our telephone wire collection. As a result, each weaving, even in the same color scheme, is a unique masterpiece crafted by the individual artisan, making every telephone wire accessory a distinctive work of art.

Features of the Zulu Woven telephone wire basket

Each tray is woven with colorful telephone wires, here in shades of orange and champagne. Its ideal size allows you to use it as a fruit bowl, a bread basket, or even as a catch-all. Placed on a table, it can add a pop of color. Its fine and meticulous weaving makes it an incredible decorative piece! As for the maintenance of the telephone wire basket, no worries. If you use it as a fruit bowl and need to clean it from time to time, simply rinse it under lukewarm, slightly soapy water and make sure to dry it thoroughly with a clean cloth. It will stay in perfect condition!

Versatility and Elegance of Our Contemporary South African Basketry

Explore the versatility and elegance of our contemporary basketry. Our basketry trays can be used as wall decorations on their own or by mixing them with different sizes and colors from our telephone wire collection. Whether used individually or as a mural, they create incredible wall compositions.

Authentic Craftsmanship in Contemporary Basketry

At the heart of our “Contemporary Basketry” category, discover the authenticity of our creations. Our passion for modern design merges with exceptional artisanal expertise through our partnership with the Zulu artisans. Originating from agricultural communities, these local artisans bring our designs to life thanks to their mastery of weaving techniques.

Artistic Creations with Each Tray in telephone wire

Dive into our range of contemporary basketry, including a diverse selection of items, such as trays, plates, bowls, cups, and pots, all meticulously crafted from new telephone wires. Each piece is unique, displaying its own color composition. Our goal is to produce exceptional items that seamlessly integrate modern aesthetics with traditional craftsmanship.

Supporting Zulu Artisans

By choosing our contemporary telephone wire basketry, you directly contribute to supporting Zulu artisans and their families. Your decision not only enhances your living space but also strengthens local communities in South Africa.

Join this Remarkable Tale, secure your unique Capucine and Champagne-colored tray today and become a part of this remarkable story.


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Dimensions 30 × 30 × 6 cm
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