Tray, telephone wire, Zulu, South Africa, diameter 30 cm, colour Aegean


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This Zulu tray was hand woven with telephone wire by a community of Zulu artisans in South Africa.

This tray will be perfect in your kitchen as a bread or fruit basket or as a beautiful decorative object on a table or credence in your living room.

Combined with other shapes and colors from the AS’ART collection of telephone wire woven basketry, this Zulu tray will make an original wall decoration to place above a sofa or bed.

The South African handicraft using telephone wire is a remarkable example of the adaptation of an ancestral know-how to contemporary materials. Combining tradition and modernity, this craft will bring a warm and ethnic touch to your contemporary interior.

Our collection of telephone wire basketry sublimates the inventiveness of South African Zulu craftsmanship that brings to life an infinite number of patterns.

Telephone wire.
It is a real electric cable made of a metal wire covered with a coloured plastic sheath.

Diameter 30 cm
Height 6 cm

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