TUCANA Table Lamp – Exceptional Originality and Design, Bleuet Colors


Table Lamp TUCANA with Phone Wire Lampshade
Diameter: 30cm
Height: 38cm

The photo of the TUCANA lamp is the model you will receive!

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TUCANA Table Lamp – Exceptional Originality and Design

TUCANA is the original and design table lamp! This unique table lamp blends the Zulu craftsmanship of South Africa with the modernity of French design, creating a table lamp that goes beyond ordinary lighting.

Zulu original and French design

The lampshade of this very original and design table lamp is 30cm in diameter. It is handwoven by Zulu artisans from South Africa, adding a touch of authenticity and originality. Its modern and design metal base is crafted in a workshop in France. The combination of these two materials gives the TUCANA lamp a modern and elegant aesthetic.

TUCANA Highlights Zulu Craftsmanship

The harmonious marriage between tradition and modernity is reflected in our TUCANA table lamp. Its contemporary assembly complements the meticulous Zulu artisan work. Indeed, it is Zulu artisans who breathe life into each lampshade of the TUCANA table lamp. The handwoven new electrical wire creates a visually unique ensemble, enhancing this artisanal piece.

Inspired Creativity and Unique Patterns of the TUCANA Table Lamp

Inspired Creativity: The Zulu artisan, a source of inspiration for the lampshade weaving, imparts a personal touch to each creation. Each piece, with its consistently perfect weaving, becomes a unique work of art.

Unique Patterns: Each creation presents unique patterns in the weaving, giving the TUCANA table lamp a distinctiveness that sets it apart. It is this characteristic that makes each piece truly unique and precious.

Personalize Your Lighting According to Your Desires

The dimmable switch of the TUCANA Lamp offers total flexibility in lighting. Adjust the brightness according to your needs or desires, creating a personalized ambiance for every moment.

Choose Your Style with Original Color Variations

TUCANA offers variants of lampshades with single or multicolored weaving, allowing you to customize your lighting to match your personal style. Each shade adds a unique dimension to your space.

Practical Details

The 2-meter cord provides installation flexibility, allowing you to place the TUCANA Lamp exactly where you need it. This attention to detail reflects our commitment to functionality and convenience.

Illuminate your space with style, thanks to the TUCANA Table Lamp from AS’ART. A unique piece that embodies exceptional originality and design.

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Dimensions 30 × 30 × 14 cm