The Kisii Stone from Kenya

The Kisii stone fields are located in Nyanza Province, western Kenya. It is also called soapstone although it contains very little talc. It is mainly composed of kaolinite, sericite and pyrophyllite.

In its raw state, the Kisii stone is cream-colored with variations of red, yellow or grey. It is soft, dense, fine-grained.  When polished with water it acquires a very soft finish. All stages of the manufacturing process are manual: sculpting, water sanding, dyeing, engraving and waxing.
The engraving of the patterns reveals the natural color of the stone.
Since more than 20 years we have been working hand in hand with a workshop of about 250 craftsmen to create our own product lines.

You can polish the stone with soft wax.
Prolonged exposure to intense light can alter colors.